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Çanakkale Kervansaray Hotel is 111 years old mansion which is unique for its historical texture, Ottoman-Greek architecture, high ceiling rooms and fabulous garden. Kervansaray Hotel is comfirmed as special certificated hotel by the Ministry of Tourism. Çanakkale Kervansaray Hotel is shown as best accommodation alternative in great numbers of National and International travel informations manuels. Çanakkale Kervansaray Hotel launched in 2006 April with the first special certification in Çanakkale together with the additional building which has identical with the historical texture. At the times of Ottoman Empires, this mansion, which was inherited from the last muslim judge Abdürrahim Efendi's to his sons, inhabited by his family for 3 generations. The walls of the hotel was produced in famous factory of Italy, in 1903. The inner decoration is designed with wooden weighted texture.